We're creating a space to empower people to pursue wellness, purpose, & abundance.

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About Us

Originally founded by Young Living Crown Diamond couple, Brian and Jodi McKenna, Wise House Oils has become a community of like-minded people passionate about pursing wellness, purpose, and abundance in all aspects of their lives.  

Wise House Oils equips you with information and connects you with a support network of people through live and online interactions that will encourage you on your journey.

Why You Should Join Us

According to happiness researcher, Shawn Achor of Harvard University, the real secret to success and thriving in all aspects of life is developing strong connections with others.

That is exactly why we at Wise House Oils have created a space where we can encourage each other as we all lean into a more positive and natural lifestyle.  This is where you can find tips, tricks, and testimonies that will make a tangible difference in your life so that you will make a difference in the lives of your family and friends.

While the world may be telling us that we need to be distant and apart from each other, we here at Wise House Oils want to help you be connected with other like minded people  Because, lets face it, we are better together.


A Big Thanks

Thank you Wise House Oils community!  We are better together, living in community, and swapping empowering stories that lead to greater wellness, purpose and abundance!

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